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What's this workflow for?

This workflow is typical in the scenario where you have a number of clients to setup and each client has typically the same base documents with just some personal details changing.

For example, a contract, application, a fixed government document or some type of agreement.

The problem with doing this manually is the clients details might occur many times throughout the document, making it difficult to catch every occurence with 100% accuracy and thus making manual editing time consuming and error prone.

Example: Populate a word document with text fields

Create a project and prepare documents

Think about what text needs to change in the document. Then decide what tags you want to create and what text to substitute. You can use any text tag you like, but it has to be unique. In this example, we are going to substitute into a document name, address, mobile, email and other data. To make the document more readable, we are going to have the tags be self descriptive. So we will use ((name)), ((address)), ((mobile)) and ((email)) where you want name, address, mobile, email etc.

See example below of a word document job application of what will be uploaded for processing

Create a project in Docuword

Create the project in docuword, and add the documents you created and define the values you want inserted for each tag within the document. For example, here is the project record for this example

Execute the project

Go back to the projects list and click the play button, which will run the task. Once the task is finished, a download button will appear next to each document for you to download.

Download the processed document

Click the download button and verify everything has worked.

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